Spring 2024

Registration opens on Saturday, March 2nd at noon for all our Winter participants and 3:00pm for all other registrants.

All registrations will be received through our website.

  • Our Preschool classes are a 2:1 ratio and are for ages 3 - 5 years.
  • Our Beach classes are 3:1 ratio and are for ages 6 - 12 years (exception is Beach 1 which is a 2:1 ratio).
  • Private options are available but limited. Preschool private classes are 20 minutes, all Beach private classes are 30 minutes.


(Start time TBA)
April 8 to June 10
(No classes April 1, May 20)
**9 week session
March 26 to May 28
extended date if necessary June 4
10 week session
(Start time TBA)
April 3 to June 5
extended date if necessary June 5
10 week session
( 4:30-9:30pm)
March 28 to June 6
(no class April 25)
extended date if necessary June 13
10 week session
April 5 to June 7
extended date if necessary June 14
10 week session
March 23 to June 8
(no classes March 30, May 18)
extended date if necessary June 15
10 week session
March 24 to June 9
(no classes March 31, May 19)
extended date if necessary June 16
10 week session

Monarch Park

March 25 to June 10
(No classes April 1, May 20)
10 week session
March 27 to May 29
extended date if necessary June 12
10 week session
April 5 to June 7
extended date if necessary June 14
10 week session

If you have any questions or concerns about level or placement, please let us know in advance of Registration in the event an assessment is required.

Registration procedure is as follows:

  • Registration must be made through our website.
    It is a registration/level/pool/day/time request, it is not class placement.
  • Your registration will be required to include at least
    3 day/time options.
  • Please note that registration does not confirm placements.
    Once class placement is made, notifications will be sent by invoice within two weeks.
  • Payment must be received within 5 days of receiving your invoice.
    Payment can be made by cheque or etransfer.
  • Receipts with confirmation will be sent by email.
  • Upon receipt of your confirmation please ensure that the day, time, location and level are correct.
  • Please notify us immediately if you are no longer interested in your placement, otherwise the invoice and balance will remain on your account.
  • Payment by cheque can be made to Beach Swim School c/o 25 Lawlor Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 3L8.
  • Payment by etransfer to beachswimschool@yahoo.ca.

Please note that the schedule starts out without assigned classes. Classes are made based on registrations as they are received.

About Our Programs

Beach Swim School has a unique premise that is straightforward and appeals to both swimmers and parents. Our swimmers discover a stimulating and fun experience through our innovative aquatic learning environment. We strive to develop skills while building each child's self-esteem and confidence.

The Beach Swim School recognizes that small class instruction is the best way to provide our swimmers with the ability to achieve their goals. We accomplish this through individualized and enthusiastic teaching methods.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1:1 ratio in Lil' Swimmers
  • 2:1 ratio in Preschool levels
  • 3:1 ratio in Beach Swim Levels 1-8
  • Creative approach to enjoying swimming

Program Information

Patrol Program

Rookie, Ranger, Star Patrol 50 mins

Bronze Program

Star 75 mins
Medallion, Cross 120 mins

Class Size

  • Student to Instructor
  • Li'l Swimmer - 1 to 1
  • Preschool - 2 to 1
  • Beach Swim 1-8 - 3 to 1

2024 Session Fees:

Program Ratio 7 classes 8 classes 9 classes 10 classes
30 minute 2:1, 3:1 $269.50 $308.00 $346.50 $385.00
50 minute 3:1 $344.75 $394.00 $443.25 $492.50
Li'l Swimmer 1:1 $355.25 $406.00 $456.75 $507.50
Private Swim Kids - 30 min 1:1 $673.75 $770.00 $866.25 $962.50
Teen Strokes 4:1 $346.50 $385.00
Bronze Med/Cross 8:1 Full course $300.00
Emergency First Aid $25.00
Manual $50.00
Instructor Course 8:1 Full course $300.00
* Fees do not include HST

There is a $100.00 cancellation/administration fee charged for 'No Shows' and cancellations within 7 days prior to the first class. There is a $20.00 administration fee for class changes.


Registrations are accepted on-line. To register, please click on to the sign up link and register a family profile.

If you are currently not able to register for the upcoming session you may be beyond the registration date for web registration. Please contact us directly at beachswimschool@yahoo.ca

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

All participants are required to complete a registration form and a waiver prior to participating.

Requests for a specific instructor or male/female instructor will be accommodated whenever possible.

If you are unsure of what level to register you child into please contact Cori at beachswimschool@yahoo.ca prior to the registration dates.

Sibling discounts are as follows:

  • one child is full fee
  • two children is a 5% discount
  • three or more children is a 10% discount
  • Discounts do not apply to Bronze Programs
  • All fees are subject to HST

Please note that our schedule is updated as registrations are received. Please check our website regularly for updates.
If you do not see a class at a time you require please let us know as me may be able to accommodate.

All Preschool classes are a 2:1 student/instructor ratio. Every effort is made to place children of similar ages together.

All Swim Kids and Adult Learn to Swim classes are a 3:1 student/instructor ratio.

Patrol classes are a 4:1 student/instructor ratio.

Li'l Swimmers is a 20 minute private class, please inquire.

Maps & Contact

Beach Swim School

c/o 25 Lawlor Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4E 3L8
Phone: 416 690 6695
Email: beachswimschool@yahoo.ca

Pool Maps

Malvern CI

55 Malvern Avenue
Toronto, ON M4E 3E4
(Pool entrance is door #3 off parking lot by school gym)

Monarch Park CI

1 Hanson Street
Toronto, ON M4J 1G6
(Pool entrance is door #2, pool entrance is located to the left)

RH King Academy

3800 St. Clair Avenue East
Toronto M1M 1V3